Tivoli Audio is Now Open at 218 Newbury Street

Tivoli Audio has opened an experience showroom and shop on Newbury Street.


To let shoppers experience their products in person, brands are opening brick-in-mortar stores in major shopping destinations, even as major retailers are closing stores across the country. Tivoli Audio, which is a 19-year-old global brand, opened a 500-square-foot store on Boston’s famed Newbury Street in a brownstone. Paul DePasquale, the company’s chief executive, told PYMNTS in an interview that the store was on the company’s “wish list.” He noted that the company has always felt that when the product is properly displayed in the right surrounding environment, “we can really help promote and expose people to the brand.”

At the same time, DePasquale said Tivoli has been fortunate to work with some retailers in certain parts of the world to create a “shop within a shop.” He said the company has found those to be “pretty rewarding” in terms of brand exposure and the impression on the consumer.

The setup, in essence, provides more attention and detail around the brand in a sea of many competitors in a shop. When an email announced there was a vacant space on Newbury Street, “it seemed like a great fit for a number of reasons,” DePasquale said. (For those who are not Bostonians, Newbury Street is a popular place for boutique and luxury shopping.)

The CEO said the amount of foot traffic is “crazy,” along with the number of international visitors who are familiar with the brand. The shop gives those customers a look at Tivoli’s home base, DePasquale said, as the company has always focused more on Europe. The store pays homage to Tivoli’s Boston roots and exposes the brand to existing customers along with (hopefully) new shoppers. Once the company saw the space, DePasquale said, it was a no-brainer.

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