Holiday Happenings at The Tie Bar

Kicking off the holiday season in style

The Tie Bar is effortlessly helping you look your best for the bussiesest time of year. Not only will you  be looking impeccably sharp for all of your holiday gatherings, The Tie Bar is hosting  a beer tasting with Newburyport brew company Dec. 9 from 2-5pm at 175 Newbury Street.

Special Holiday Promos

 When: 11/20-11/22
What: Free ‘Holiday Lights’ Tie Bar with $40 purchase
When: 11/24-11/26 
What: Free ‘Bow Tie’ Socks with $40 purchase
When: 12/4-12/6
What: Free Branded Umbrella with $70 purchase
When: 12/11-12/13
What: Free ‘Reindeer’ Socks with $40 purchase
When: 12/14-12/19
What: Free Playing Cards with $75 purchase
When: 12/20-12/24
What: Free Scarf with $60 purchase