Sushi Pizza Finds a Home on Newbury Street

Itadaki, Newbury Street’s only Izakaya or Japanese gastropub, has been a mainstay on the street since it opened five years ago.  The secret to their success?  Guests will find something new and enticing to enjoy every time that they visit.

Recently, Itadaki’s sushi pizza, pictured below, gained widespread attention on Thrillist’s Boston Food Bucket List.  With a golden fried rice cake base and a choice of seven sashimi toppings, including spicy tuna and lobster, Sushi Pizza has become a fast fan favorite.

Itadaki Sushi Pizza

For bar buffs, Itadaki offers Boston’s largest selection of sake, shochu, and Japanese whiskey and beer, as well as an open bar to mix up your go-to cocktail as your relax on the patio.

Visit Itadaki at 269 Newbury Street or at