Newbury Street Restaurants May Now Brand Their Umbrellas

The Back Bay Association earned a victory for Newbury Street restaurants at the last Back Bay Architectural Commission meeting.

At the July meeting of the Back Bay Architectural Commission, the BBAC voted to replace paragraph six of the section titled, “Outdoor Dining Installations” from:

“Umbrellas should be made of matte canvas, typically of acrylic material. A single color is most appropriate. Umbrella signage is discouraged, and third-party signage is not allowed.”


“Umbrellas should be made of matte canvas, typically of acrylic material and size appropriate for its proposed location. Third –party signage on umbrellas is not allowed.”

In short, Newbury Street businesses may now have branded umbrellas on their patios.  Third party branding (i.e. beverage companies, etc) is not permitted.

The Back Bay Association advocated for this business-friendly change to the BBAC guidelines and is pleased with its adoption and the positive impact that it will have on Newbury Street businesses.

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