Newbury Street Insider: A Conversation with Lynne Kortenhaus

Sitting down with Lynne Kortenhaus, President and CEO of Kortenhaus Communications, you know that you are in the presence of a trend-setter, a person who knows good things and where to find them.  A much sought after public relations guru, Kortenhaus is also an expert on another topic:  Newbury Street.

“I’ve been on Newbury street for almost 30 years.  My original concept for my business was serving luxury goods and services and Newbury Street was always the address for such an endeavor,” Lynne says.  “Newbury Street was always known to me to be one of the top shopping streets in the world. I’ve traveled in Europe and in America; it was comparable to the famed shopping destinations in Paris, Milan, Florence, and Rome.   Rodeo Drive and Melrose in LA, Michigan Ave in Chicago, or Madison and Fifth Avenue in NYC.  I love the Back Bay and Newbury Street.”

Lynne Kortenhaus

So, what are Lynne’s  top Newbury Street picks?


Alan Bilzerian: “Carefully curated pieces – and I love their Alexander McQueen selection!”

Akris: “The fabrics, the architecture of each piece of ready to wear…”

Chanel: “Their shoe department is top notch; their boots are so comfortable!  I love their ready to wear pieces!”


Stephanie’s on Newbury: “For brunch; great eggs!”

Taj Cafe: “For a quiet lunch.  Many of the wait staff are still from Ritz Carlton days and they all know me.”

Met Back Bay: “For drinks or a light supper in the bar upstairs or patio.”


“Where else?  Mario Russo; I’ve been seeing him for 20 years!  The best cuts, color, and blow dry.”


38 Newbury Street: “For facials and mani/pedis.”