Kristal’s Cosmetics Arrives in Style to Newbury Street

Everyone knows “Diamonds are a girls best friend,” but what about using them in you makeup routine? …even better!  The new pop up at 211 Newbury Street, Kristal’s Cosmetics, combines two of every girls’ favorite things: cosmetics and semi-precious stones. Kristal’s Cosmetics opens just in time for Spring to repair winter damaged skin. All products are infused with kristal gem stones and made with organic ingredients from the earth to generate energy back into your skin.

The new Boston location arrives after opening in Beverly Hills, Aspen, and Greenwich. It is a must-do, as you update your beauty routine with new products this season. The Kristals Lifting Collection, a non-surgical option to tighten skin and clear skin impairments is the ultimate fountain of youth. A best seller, and a go to for any beauty guru. Facials and skin consultations are offered to educate the benefits of pure ingredients and to align specific products to your skin goals. Bring some friends, they always have champs available! A holistic effect for balanced beauty, the Reviews speak for themselves!