Gelato Fiasco Delivers Treats from Maine in Boston

Maine-based Gelato Fiasco is dishing out deliciousness in The Shop incubator on Newbury Street, bringing their highly awarded, hand-packed, small batch treats to the masses of Boston. Taste one of their 10 flavors of gelato for dishes and waffle cones, sip God of Thunder coffee, or grab a take-home pint to pair with some Netflix. Gelato Fiasco’s gifting team will also be available to help you place holiday home delivery orders of custom 6-packs of gelato and other gifts.

The Holiday Lodge will feature:

  • A case of 10 flavors of gelato
  • God of Thunder hot coffe
  • Gift concierge for custom six-pack pint orders and home delivery gift card kits
  • T-shirts and diner mugs
  • Red velvet and black velvet waffle cones
  • Indoor seating
  • Stocking stuffer selection of mugs, travel mugs, freezer bags, and handmade wooden gelato spoons

Dec. 7-11, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.