How Frank + Oak is Shaping the Future Shopping Experience on Newbury Street

frankandoak_newburystreet1A 2013 research study found that men lose interest in shopping after 26 minutes. That’s an uphill battle for any menswear brand. How can retailers prevent the male psyche from succumbing to boredom?

One of the hottest brands on the block at 220 Newbury Street, Frank + Oak has found a way to make wardrobe upgrades more appealing to the male consumer. What started exclusively online, the team behind Frank + Oak doesn’t believe in the myth that “men aren’t into fashion.” Experience in retail has proven that what men actually aren’t into is the exhausting and sometimes frustrating experience of shopping for a new outfit.

Their solution: make the offline shopping experience as hassle-free as e-commerce, and treat it like a small, carefully curated boutique. In Boston, this means offering personalized service with an in-house stylist, hosting events, student parties, and organizing a special yoga session for Boston Marathon runners and supporters. It’s proven a success, as the brand has expanded into 15 brick-and-mortar locations across the U.S. and Canada.

frankandoak_newburystreet3The team also continues to find new ways to enhance the shopping experience online. Frank + Oak recently launched “First Look for $79,” which lets any new shopper buy their first outfit for only $79 (a value of over $100). This is part of Frank+Oak’s mission to democratize personal styling, where shoppers don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for a service that enhances the experience. The current collection is inspired by cities (we’re keeping an eye on the Boston look as we plan our fall wardrobe).

Men aren’t the only ones getting in on all the fun at Frank + Oak. Just in time for fall, the company’s first women’s line will be debuting. Seeking to bring the same carefully curated expertise that is evident in their menswear collect, Frank + Oak will give women everywhere access to effortless style and a refreshing shopping experience, online or in store.

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