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o_5  5 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
o_7  7 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
e_8  8 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
11  e_10-2  10 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
13  o_11-2  11 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
18  e_18  18 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
26  e_32  32 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
31  o_35-2  35 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
41    street  Berkeley Street                            
51  o_73-3  73 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
70  o_97  97 Newbury Street                            
74    street  Clarendon Street                            
95  o_119-1  119 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
101  o_123-3  123 Newbury Street      (Down)    Boston  MA  02116              
138  e_144-2  144 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
141    street  Dartmouth Street                            
144  e_154  154 Newbury Street        Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116              
149  e_160-1  160 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
163  o_167-2  167 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
172  o_171-2  171 Newbury Street      (Down)    Boston  MA  02116              
173  e_172-1  172 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
183  e_176-3  176 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
185  o_177-2  177 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
192    street  Exeter Street                            
202  e_208  208 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
212  e_216-1  216 Newbury Street      (Up)    Boston  MA  02116              
220  e_220-1  220 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
225  e_222-2  222 Newbury Street      (Down)    Boston  MA  02116             Clothing, trendy, fashion, accessories 
232  e_226-1  226 Newbury Street      (Up)    Boston  MA  02116             Clothing, boutique, fashion 
234  o_227-1  227 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
251    street  Fairfield Street                            
265  e_250-1  250 Newbury Street      (Up)    Boston  MA  02116              
266  e_250-2  250 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
288  e_266  266 Newbury Street      (Down)    Boston  MA  02116             Restaurant, Spanish restaurant 
299  o_275  275 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
300  e_276  276 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116             Salon, spa 
304    street  Gloucester Street                            
309  e_286-2  286 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
320  e_296-2  296 Newbury Street      (Down)    Boston  MA  02116              
338  e_316-1  316 Newbury Street      (Up)    Boston  MA  02116              
340    street  Hereford Street                            
350  o_331-1  331 Newbury Street          Boston  MA  02116              
381    street  Massachusetts Avenue                            
280  o_259-1  259 Newbury Street  1855 Bar a Vins    (Up)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   (617) 587-4222  5PM - 9 PM, 7 DAYS        
293  o_271  271 Newbury Street  A&S Realty      Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.3485  Mon-Sat 11AM-4PM Sun CLOSED        
117  e_132-1  132 Newbury Street  Acote Salon      Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.5111  Mon & Sat 9AM-5:30PM Tue-Fri 9AM-7:30PM     “We believe your outer style conveys a powerful message about who you are. Whether classic, trendy, fun or practical, we are here to help you achieve great hair with a touch of your own personal style.”– GASTON SAFAR  Salon 
167  e_168-3  168 Newbury Street  Adams Design    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.728.9870       We meld brand strategy and creativity into art that works. Graphic design, branding, marketing.  Computer graphics, technology, marketing 
174  e_172-2  172 Newbury Street  Aesop*    (Down)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.6417  Sun-Wed 11AM-7PM Thu-Sat 11AM-8PM       Beauty, cosmetics 
23  o_29  29 Newbury Street  Akris      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.6225  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM     Stylish outpost of the namesake Swiss line known for posh womenswear with a contemporary bent.  Clothing, women, accessories 
29  e_34  34 Newbury Street  Alan Bilzerian      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.1001  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM     Edgy shop known for dressing rock stars in its high-end men's & women's designer wear & accessories.  Designer, clothing, apparel, accessories 
103  o_125-1  125 Newbury Street  Alan Rouleau Couture    (2nd fl)  Apparel, Accessories, Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.7848       Boston’s leading luxury tailor since 1987, Alan Rouleau creates distinctive and distinguished custom-made designs for men.   
187  e_180  180 Newbury Street  Aldo*      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.0501  Mon-Wed 10AM-7PM Fri 10AM-8PM Thu 10AM-6PM Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     We peel and chop fresh avocados, bananas, and corn. We make our own house made habanero and fresh mint extracts. We bake all of our own brownies, cookies, and other inclusions from scratch in our bake shop. We churn our ice cream using little air to create a creamy, gelato-like consistency, resulting in a pure-tasting and silky-textured bite.  Footwear, accessories 
84  o_115-1  115 Newbury Street  Alex & Ani*      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.421.0777  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Manufacturers of positive energy jewelry, most known for their bracelets.  Jewelry 
114  e_130-2  130 Newbury Street  Alexis Bittar*    (Down)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.0505  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Shop the latest fashion jewelry for women. Designer bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pins, and other fashion accessories.  Accessories, jewelry, fashion 
160  e_166-1  166 Newbury Street  Alice and Olivia*    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.297.9059  Mon- Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 11AM-7PM     Women's designer clothing, shoes, and handbags.   
200  o_205-1  205 Newbury Street  Allbirds    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   888.963.8944  10AM - 8 PM, 7 DAYS     Allbirds is an entirely new category of shoes inspired by natural materials, and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way.  Footwear, women, shoes 
33  e_36  36 Newbury Street  Allen Edmonds      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.3363  Mon 9:30AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation is a U.S. based manufacturer of premium men’s footwear and accessories. We have been creating timeless, custom-made men's dress shoes and casual shoes since 1922.  Footwear, shoes, accessories 
106  e_126-2  126 Newbury Street  ALLSAINTS*      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.517.0894  Mon-Thu 10AM-8PM Fri & Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 11AM-7PM       Clothing, apparel, fashion 
67  o_91-1  91 Newbury Street  Alton Lane      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   888.800.8616  Mon 11AM-8PM Tue 12PM-7PM Wed 10AM-8PM Thu10AM-8PM Fri 10AM-8PM Sat 9AM-6PM Sun 11AM-6PM     We have our full line of fabric swatches ready for you to build custom suits, custom shirts, custom blazers, custom trousers and custom tuxedos while enjoying your favorite drink.  Clothing, formalwear, suit, tuxedo 
263  o_249-1  249 Newbury Street  Amorino Gelato    (Up)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.585.3185  Mon-Thu 11:30AM-11PM Fri 11:30AM-11:30PM Sat 10AM-11:30PM Sun 11:30AM-11PM       Desserts, Ice cream 
322  o_297-2  297 Newbury Street  Anime Zakka    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0314  Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM Sun 11AM-7PM     From anime collections to smaller assortments in Japanese culture household items, we invite all our friends and customers to experience the fun shop of Anime Zakka.   
198  o_201-5  201 Newbury Street  Anthropologie      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0545  Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 11AM-7PM     An inspiring place to shop for women's clothing, accessories and home decor.  Women, clothing, accessories, decor 
207  o_211-2  211 Newbury Street  April 23 Flortist    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116              
374  e_352  352 Newbury Street  Arc'teryx      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.421.8601  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Arc’teryx is a technical high-performance outerwear and equipment company with a relentless commitment to design, craftsmanship and performance.  Rugged, outdoors, clothing, footwear, gear 
161  e_166-2  166 Newbury Street  Arche Shoes*    (Down)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.2887  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     For 40 years, Arche has been assembling its designer shoes, boots, sandals and handbags by a team of crafts artisans in the Chateau Region of France not far from Paris. Every pair of Arche shoes are hand crafted to perfection with the goal of providing the absolutely best product possible. Arche brings you a rich and inviting color palette gathered from the latest fashion trends.  Handbags, footwear, shoes, boots 
111  o_127-129-3  127-129 Newbury Street  Arden Gallery*    (Up)  Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.0610  Mon 11AM-5PM Tue-Sat 11AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Arden Gallery Boston represents contemporary artists from across the nation.  Art gallery 
129  o_139-2  139 Newbury Street  Art of Shaving      Services  Boston  MA  02116   857.239.7261  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     The Art of Shaving offers elegant hand-crafted razors & shaving accessories for men.  Men, shaving, hair 
65  e_88-2  88 Newbury Street  Athleta      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.857.9830  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Trendy sportswear & accessories for women, offering gear, swimsuits & more.  Clothing, activewear, trendy, swim suit 
330  e_302-2  302 Newbury Street  Available    (Down)    Boston  MA  02116              
19  e_20  20 Newbury Street  Avanti Salon    (2nd fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.4027  Mon 12PM-8PM Tue 10AM-8PM Wed-Fri 9AM-8PM Sat 9AM-5PM Sun11AM-5PM        
368  e_348-1  348 Newbury Street  Back Bay Boxing      Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116             
222  o_221-1  221 Newbury Street  Back Bay Hardware    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.0913  Mon-Fri 7:30AM-7PM Sat 9AM-7PM Sun 10AM-6PM     Pint-sized True Value affiliate with a large selection of tools & supplies for home & garden care.  Hardware store, tools, equipment 
308  e_286-1  286 Newbury Street  Back Bay Vet    (2nd fl)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.2273  Mon-Thur 8AM-8PM Fri 8AM-6PM Sat & Sun 8AM-4PM       Veterinary 
107  e_128-1  128 Newbury Street  Ball and Buck*      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116              
131  o_141-1  141 Newbury Street  Bang & Olufsen*      Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.4949  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Bang & Olufsen manufactures a highly distinctive and exclusive range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones, and multimedia products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal.  Technology, speakers, television 
258  o_245-2  245 Newbury Street  Barbershop Lounge    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.450.0021  Tue-Thu 10AM-7PM Fri-10AM-6PM Sat 9AM-4PM Sun & Mon Closed     Catering exclusively to fine men's grooming, a comfortable and masculine urban retreat.  Men, barber, salon 
55  o_79  79 Newbury Street  Barbour*      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.375.7829  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Retailer of the British brand's classic waxed jackets & country apparel for men, women & children.  Clothing, apparel 
334  o_305-2  305 Newbury Street  Barrington Coffee Roasting Company    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   857.250.2780  Mon-Sun 7AM-7PM     Amazing farm direct coffees roasted to order since 1993.  Coffee 
349  e_330-2  330 Newbury Street  Bauer Wines      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0363  Mon-Sat 10AM-11PM Sun 12PM-8PM     Liquor store specializing in wine ranging from luxury bottles to more modest buys.  Wine, liquor, beer 
261  e_248-1  248 Newbury Street  Beacon Realty    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.7142         Real Estate 
295  e_272-2  272 Newbury Street  Beantown Pho & Grill    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   857.263.8440  Sun-Thu 11:30AM-10PM Fri&Sat 11:30AM-10:30PM     An array of Thai, Vietnamese & other Asian dishes are featured at this down-to-earth destination.  Vietnamese restaurant 
47  o_71-1  71 Newbury Street  Beaucage      Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.437.7171  Mon 9AM-5:30PM Tue-Fri 8AM-9PM Sat 8AM-5:30PM Sun 11AM-5PM       Salon 
348  e_330-1  330 Newbury Street  Bedgear    (Street Level & 2nd fl)  Home Décor  Boston  MA  02116             
35  e_38  38 Newbury Street  Bella Sante Day Spa    (Up)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.9930  Mon-Thu 9AM-9PM Fri 8AM-9PM Sat 8AM-6PM Sun 9AM-6PM     Our talented staff and executive team are commitment to delivering relaxation, offering manicure, massage, pedicure and sunless tanning treatment.  Spa, nails, manicure, pedicure, massage, tanning, beauty 
178  e_174-2  174 Newbury Street  Ben & Jerry's    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.5456  Sun-Thu 11AM-11PM Fri & Sat 11AM-11:30PM     Ben & Jerry’s proudly serves its legend-dairy scoops, pints and fresh-baked waffle cones. You can also peruse the ice cream cake selection or have the staff create a custom cake just for you.  Ice Cream, snacks, Outdoor Seating 
146  e_156-2  156 Newbury Street  Benefit Cosmetics    (Down)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   617.830.7110  Mon, Tue & Sat 10AM-7PM Wed-Fri 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Beauty products including makeup & skincare (plus some kiosks & Brow Bars).  Cosmetics, beauty, skin 
83  e_114-2  114 Newbury Street  Betsey Jenney    (Down)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.2610  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Compact lower-level women's clothing shop for contemporary Euro fashions, formalwear & alterations.  Clothing, formal, alterations 
329  e_302-1  302 Newbury Street  Blackstone Williams Realty    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.421.4400  Mon-Sun 11AM-6PM       Real estate 
150  e_160-2  160 Newbury Street  Bluemercury*    (Down)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.0004  Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat 10AM-7PM Thu 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Zen-like shop stocked with makeup, fragrance, skin & hair products from cult luxury beauty brands.  Makeup, skin, hair, cosmetics, fragrances 
230  o_225-1  225 Newbury Street  Bobbles and Lace    (Down)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   978.662.4108  Sun-Wed 11AM-6PM Thu 11AM-7PM Fri-Sat 11AM-8PM     Branch of local boutique for women's apparel & accessories, from casual basics to hip styles.  Women, clothing, apparel, boutique, accessories 
142  o_283  283 Dartmouth Street  Bonobos*      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   857-263-7340  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun12PM-6PM        
341  e_320  320 Newbury Street  Boston Architectural College      Institutions  Boston  MA  02116   617.585.0100  Mon-Fri 8AM-10:30PM Sat&Sun 8AM-8PM        
273  o_253-3  253 Newbury Street  Boston Olive Oil    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   857.277.0007  Mon-Fri 11AM-6PM Sat 11AM-7PM Sun12PM-6PM     Customers can sample 50+ varieties of olive oil & balsamic vinegar at this cozy, family-owned shop.  Oils, Vinegar, flavor 
356  e_336-3  336 Newbury Street  Boston Smoke Shop #336    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.8500  Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM     Boston Smoke Shop has the largest selection of Water Pipes, Glass Pipes, Hand Pipes, Bubblers, Vaporizers, Hookahs, Hookah Tobacco, & Liquid Tobacco.  Tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, vape, glass pipes 
257  o_245-1  245 Newbury Street  Boston Smoke Shop#245    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.8500  Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM     Boston Smoke Shop has the largest selection of Water Pipes, Glass Pipes, Hand Pipes, Bubblers, Vaporizers, Hookahs, Hookah Tobacco, & Liquids.  Tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, vape, glass pipes 
285  o_263-2  263 Newbury Street  Boston Smoke Shop#263    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.8500  Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM     Boston Smoke Shop has the largest selection of Water Pipes, Glass Pipes, Hand Pipes, Bubblers, Vaporizers, Hookahs, Hookah Tobacco, & Liquids.  Tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, vape, glass pipes 
380  o_361-2  361 Newbury Street  Boston Sports Club    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.867.0100  Mon-Thur 5:30AM-10PM Fri 5:30AM-9PM Sat & Sun 8AM-6PM     Great place to work out  Fitness, gym, sauna 
124  o_135-1  135 Newbury Street  Boston Threading    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   781.400.8200  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-7PM        
53  o_77-1  77 Newbury Street  Bradley & Diegel      Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.7707  Tue 9AM-7PM Wed 10AM-8PM Thu 10AM-8PM Fri 9AM-7PM Sat 9AM-5PM Closed Sun & Mon       Salon, Hair, Men's Hair, Women's Hair 
371  o_351-1  351 Newbury Street  Brandy Melville      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.0246  Sun-Thu 11AM-8PM Fri 11AM-8PM Sat 10AM-9PM     Hip retailer selling trendy fashions & accessories aimed at young women.  Women, clothing, accessories 
49  o_73-1  73 Newbury Street  Brideside    (2nd fl)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.843.3047  By appointment only. Wed-Thu 12PM-8PM, Fri-Sun 10AM-6PM     Shop bridesmaid dresses for every style, featuring designer dresses from Alfred Sung and Social Bridesmaids, Sorella Vita, and Adrianna Papell.  Dresses, wedding, gown 
56  o_81  81 Newbury Street  Brideside      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.843.3047  By appointment only. Wed-Thu 12PM-8PM, Fri-Sun 10AM-6PM     Shop bridesmaid dresses for every style, featuring designer dresses from Alfred Sung and Social Bridesmaids, Sorella Vita, and Adrianna Papell.  Dresses, wedding, gown 
136  o_143-2  143 Newbury Street  Brodney Antiques      Home Decor, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.0500  Mon-Fri 10AM-5:30PM Sat 10AM-5PM Sun Closed     Enduring, family-run shop selling fine antiques, art & jewelry, including vintage engagement rings.  Art, antiques, jewelry 
39  e_46  46 Newbury Street  Brooks Brothers      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.2600  Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM Sat 10AM-6PM Sun12PM-6PM     We are proud to have become an institution that has shaped the American style of dress through fashion innovation, fine quality, personal service, and exceptional value in our products. Longtime label known for its classic shirts, suits, sportswear & accessories for men, women & kids.  Clothing, accessories, apparel 
276  o_255-1  255 Newbury Street  Bulfinch Realty    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.3177         Real Estate 
17  e_16  14 Newbury Street  Bulgari      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116             
e_2  2 Newbury Street  Burberry      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.1000  Mon-Wed 10AM-6PM Thu-Fri 10AM-7PM Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Venerable British brand founded in 1856 known for its trench coats, cashmere scarves & iconic check.  Bags, Scarves, sunglasses beauty, make-up, fragrance, coats, jackets, shoes, purse high fashion, luxary brand 
219  o_219-2  219 Newbury Street  Bush Cleaners    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.1774  Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM Sat 8AM-6PM Sun 10AM-5PM     For all your dry cleaning, tailoring, and fabric care needs.  Dry cleaning, tailoring, fabric care 
209  o_213-1  213 Newbury Street  Cabot & Company Real Estate      Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.6200  Mon-Sun 6:30AM-10:30PM       Real estate 
254  e_240a-2  240A Newbury Street  Café Susu      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116              
305  o_279a  279A Newbury Street  Cafeteria Boston      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.2233  Mon-Wed 11AM-11PM Thu&Fri 11AM-1AM Sat 9AM-1AM Sun 9AM-11PM     Newbury Street hangout serving updated American comfort food at communal tables & on outdoor patio.  Restaurant 
201  o_205-2  205 Newbury Street  Caffè Nero    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116          Bringing the warmth of European café culture to our coffee houses around the world.We began as a start-up nearly 20 years ago - the independent coffee guys trying to make coffee the proper way. No cutting corners, stay focussed on excellence and treat people with kindness. That's still who we are today.   
121  o_133-2  133 Newbury Street  Camper*    (Down)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.4554  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     We are a contemporary footwear brand from the island of Mallorca, Spain. Founded in 1975, we are a family business with a rich shoemaking heritage that we use to create unique designs.  Shoes, footwear 
208  o_211-3  211 Newbury Street  Candid Co.    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116              
22  e_28  28 Newbury Street  Cartier      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116             
180  o_175-2  175 Newbury Street  Castanet*    (2nd fl)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.1919  Mon By Chance Tue 11AM-5PM Wed- Sat 11AM-6PM Sun By Chance     Castanet is a neighborhood gem, reflecting the style and unique taste of the Back Bay, Boston, and beyond. Building on the 38 year legacy of Boston's finest designer consignment store,   
235  o_227-2  227 Newbury Street  CBD American Shaman    (Down)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   857.317.4159  Mon-Sat 10AM - 7PM, Sun 12PM - 6PM     CBD American Shaman brings worldwide wellness through ultra-concentrated terpene rich CBD oil.   Health, wellness, cbd 
352  o_333  333 Newbury Street  Champion      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116              
e_6  6 Newbury Street  Chanel      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.859.0055  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM - 5PM     Iconic purveyor of high-end apparel, fragrances, accessories & more (some focus on jewelry).  Bags, Scarves, sunglasses beauty, make-up, fragrance, coats, jackets, shoes, purse high fashion, luxary brand 
278  o_257-1  257 Newbury Street  Charles Realty    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.0353         Real Estate 
168  o_169  169 Newbury Street  Childs Gallery    (Up)  Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.1108  Tue-Fri 9AM-6PM Mon & Sat 10AM-5PM     Childs Gallery holds one of the largest inventories of oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, prints and sculpture in the United States. We actively service collectors, artists, estates, and corporate clients throughout the country in the buying and selling of fine art, and have placed exceptional works in major museums nationwide.  Art gallery 
42  o_67-1  67 Newbury Street  Church of the Covenant      Institutions  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.7480  Mon, Wed- Sat 11AM-3PM Sun 12:30PM-4:30PM        
343  e_324-2  324 Newbury Street  City Smoke Shop      Services  Boston  MA  02116              
171  o_171-1  171 Newbury Street  Clarks Shoes      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.1580  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Offering a range of classic footwear for adults & kids, plus handbags, wallets & more.  Footwear, handbags, wallets, accessories 
272  o_253-2  253 Newbury Street  Classic Tuexdo    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.7707  Mon,Wed-Fri 11AM-8PM Sat 10AM-6PM     Men's formalwear outpost offering a selection of tuxedos & suits for sale & rent.  Tanning salon 
77  o_109  109 Newbury Street  Cole Haan*      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.7826  Mon & Tue 10AM-7PM Wed-Fri 10AM-8PM Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Retailer known for its house brand of upscale footwear, plus outerwear & accessories.  Footwear, shoes, accessories, clothing 
105  e_126-1  126 Newbury Street  Compass    (4th, 5th, & 6th fl)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.206.3333       Compass is building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.   
147  e_158  158 Newbury Street  Copley Society of Art      Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.5049  Mon by appointment Tue-Sat 11AM-6PM Sun 12PM- 5PM     Dedicated to the enjoyment of visual arts, the organization provides a platform for arts cultivation while engaging and educating the public.  Art gallery 
127  e_138  138 Newbury Street  Cos*      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.603.0118  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     COS is a fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional, considered design.Offering reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials, we create pieces that are made to last beyond the season.  Trendy, modern, clothing, apparel 
164  e_168-1  168 Newbury Street  Cotélac    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.2009  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun12PM-6PM        
184  o_177-1  177 Newbury Street  Credo    (Up)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116          Our mission is to change the way people think about ingredients and products they put on their bodies. We believe giving you a beautiful, elegant, and welcoming clean beauty shopping destination, filled with amazing products and honest experts, is a pretty good start.   
286  e_264-1  264 Newbury Street  Crush    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.0010  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun11AM-6PM     Hip women's shop featuring contemporary designer fashions, from denim & dresses to shoes & handbags.  Clothing, women, shoes, accessories 
270  e_252-2  252 Newbury Street  Cryomed    (Down)  Services, Health/Beauty,   Boston  MA  02116   617.247.2796  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Closed Sun during the summer     Dr. Winston provides integrated medical techniques that approach beauty, skincare and wellness from the inside-out. Proactive method in disease prevention, Dr. Winston addresses the earliest signs of health decline, assesses productivity and performance and help patients optimize their overall well being. Dr. Winston is a member of American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She is trained in esthetic dermatology, bio-identical hormonal rebalancing and IV nutritional therapy.   
250  e_240  240 Newbury Street  CVS Pharmacy      Services, Health/Beauty, Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.4007  Mon-Sun 8AM-12AM        
236  e_228-1  228 Newbury Street  Daniel Wellington*    (Up)  Accessories,   Boston  MA  02116   201.897.7272  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-7PM     Sophisticated, designer showroom offering modern yet classic watches and accessories for men and women.  Watches, Men's Watches Women's Watches 
206  o_211-1  211 Newbury Street  Daniela Corte*    (2nd fl)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.2100  Monday through Friday by appointment only     Contemporary boutique with lighted tables selling original designer women's fashion with an edge.  Women, clothing, accessories, 
223  o_221-2  221 Newbury Street  Dellaria Salon    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0302  Sun & Mon Closed Tue-Fri 10AM-8PM Sat 9AM-5PM     Dellaria Salons has been home to the finest stylists in New England for more than 50 years.  Salon 
252  o_239  239 Newbury Street  Deluca's Market      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.5990  Mon-Thu 7AM-9PM Fri 7AM-10PM Sat 8AM-10PM Sun 8AM-9PM     Boston's neighborhood market since 1905.  Sandwiches, grocery store 
79  e_110-2  110 Newbury Street  Dependable Cleaners #110    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.5607  Mon-Sat 7AM-7PM Sun 2PM-5PM     We provide our community with quality dry cleaning service in 16 convenient locations and over 30 Pickup & Delivery routes close to where you work, live, and play.  Dry cleaning, fold, tailors 
339  e_316-2  316 Newbury Street  Dependable Cleaners #316    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.5607  Mon-Sat 7AM-7PM Sun 12PM-5PM     We provide same day service at each of our 16 locations (Monday - Saturday) on dry cleaning service and laundered shirts only.  Dry cleaning, service 
50  o_73-2  73 Newbury Street  Diane Von Furstenberg*    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.7300  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Luxury lifestyle brand and one of the premier names in American fashion. Renowned for its iconic wrap dress and signature prints, DVF has expanded to a full collection of ready-to-wear and accessories including shoes, handbags, small leather goods, scarves, and jewelry.  Clothing, luxury, dresses, jewelry, bags 
135  o_143-1  143 Newbury Street  Diego Salon      Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.5003  Tue 9AM-6PM Wed & Thu 9AM-8PM Fri 9AM-6PM Sat 9AM-5PM     The staff at Diego is one of the most recognized professional teams in the industry, and their commitment to hair style is continually renewed as they develop and learn the latest and most advanced techniques for hair and color trends.  Salon 
361  o_339  339 Newbury Street  Diesel*      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.6555  Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Italian Jeans, casuals and other clothing manufacturer.  Clothing, denim 
224  e_222-1  222 Newbury Street  Dirty Water Dough Co.    (Up)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0090  Mon-Wed 11AM-10PM Thu 11AM-10:30PM Fri & Sat 11AM-11PM Sun 11AM-10PM     Craft pizzas, plus ciabatta sandwiches & salads in a cozy setting with a fireplace & wooden floors.  Pizza Place, Takeout 
155  o_163-2  163 Newbury Street  Double Zero Pizza    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116              
195  o_201-2  201 Newbury Street  Dr. Martens*      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.585.1460  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-7PM     Dr. Martens’ simple silhouettes allows their wearers to adopt the boots and shoes as part of their own individual and very distinctive style; on a practical level, their famous durability and comfort make them ideal for the unforgiving world of gigs and street fashion; and then finally on an emotional level, they are a badge of attitude and empowerment.  Footwear, shoes, boots 
75  o_234-1  234 Clarendon St  Dry Bar      Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.449.7287  Mon-Wed 7AM-8PM Thur-Sat 7AM-10PM Sun 9AM-7PM     Named one of the top “100 Brilliant Ideas of 2010” by Entrepreneur Magazine and New York Magazine’s Boom Brands of 2013, Drybar is based on the simple concept of focusing on one thing and being the best at it: Blowouts. The idea was a natural one for curly haired founder Alli Webb, a longtime professional stylist, who constantly found herself overpaying for blowouts at traditional salons.   
162  o_167-1  167 Newbury Street  DTR Modern Gallery    (Up)  Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.9700  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-6PM     DTR Modern Galleries is at the forefront of the modern art marketplace by offering the most significant privately-held selection of works by modern and contemporary master artists.  Art gallery 
292  e_270-2  270 Newbury Street  Dunkin Donuts    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116          Coffee, iced or hot. Donuts! Bagels! Breakfast and lunch and snack!  Coffee 
175  o_173-1  173 Newbury Street  Duxiana    (Up)  Home Decor  Boston  MA  02116   617.426.3441  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     The only way to truly experience The DUX Bed is to lie down on one. Imagine waking up each morning rested and rejuvenated. It’s possible with The DUX Bed.  Bed, furniture 
269  e_252-1  252 Newbury Street  Easy Fix LLC    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   857.261.0810          
302  o_279-2  279 Newbury Street  Edena Urban Resorts X Sama    (Up)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116              
218  o_219-1  219 Newbury Street  Edge Luxury Eyeweare    (Up)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.2020  Mon-Sun 10AM-7PM     EDGE is a luxury eyewear retailer dedicated to curating collections by the most coveted luxury houses featuring Alexander McQueen, Barton Perreira, Bottegga Veneta, Boucheron, Cartier, Cazal Legends, Celine, Christian Dior, Chrome Hearts, Dior Homme, DITA, FENDI, Garrett Leight, Givenchy, Kaneko Optical, Leisure Society, Matsuda, Orgreen, Salt Optics, Saint Laurant, Shamballa, Ray Ban, Thom Browne Tomas Maier, Versace & Tom Ford. Luxury collections also include jeweled precious finish included 18K white gold, 18k/22k rose gold, 18k/24K yellow gold, solid silver detailing and diamonds. EDGE luxury eyewear also provides an array of exclusive custom one-of-one sunglasses tints including rose pink, light brown gradient, gold & silver mirror lenses. Recognized amongst collectors and eyewear enthusitist, EDGE is Boston's premier luxury eyewear destination.  sunglasses 
262  e_248-2  248 Newbury Street  Egalitea Organic Café    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   857.277.1493  Mon-Sat 7AM - 9PM, Sun 10AM - 7PM     A women-led tea house that strives to serve foods and drinks that maximize the balance among people, social equity, and the environment.  Tea, breakfast, bowls, organic 
45  o_69-1  69 Newbury Street  Elizabeth Grady*    (Up)  Salons, Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.4447  Mon-Thu 9AM-9PM Fri 9AM-8PM Sat 9AM-4PM Sun10AM-4PM       Skin, beauty, cosmetics 
313  e_290  290 Newbury Street  Emack & Bolio's Ice Cream    (Up)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.7127  Mon-Sun 12PM-11PM     Emack & Bolio's is a chain of ice cream stores based in Boston.  Desserts 
16  o_13-27  13-27 Newbury Street  Emmanuel Episcopal Church*      Institutions  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.3355  Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM, Sat CLOSED, Sun 9AM-12PM       Church 
333  o_305-1  305 Newbury Street  Encore Apparel Company    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116            Clothing, activewear, wool 
151  o_161-1  161 Newbury Street  Enzo & Co. for Hario    (2nd fl)  Salons, Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   617.369.4844  Tue & Wed 10AM-7PM Thu & Fri 10AM-8PM     Hairo began as a product line developed by Enzo and his partners for their salon Enzo & Company. They later developed a Blowdry bar to showcase the line and over time it transformed into a full service salon called Hairo Color Cut and Blowdry Bar. Recently we merged with our sister salon and become Enzo & Co. Salon for Hairo. Salon services are performed by crafted hairdressers who are passionate about hair.   
244  e_232-2  232 Newbury Street  European Watch Company    (Down)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.9798  Mon-Wed 10AM-6PM Thu 10AM-8PM Fri 10AM-6PM Sat 1PM-6PM Sun Closed     Resource for high-end new, pre-owned & vintage watches, with trade-in & restoration services.  Watches, Jewelry, repairs 
213  e_216-2  216 Newbury Street  European Wax Center    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.4500  Mon-Fri 8AM-9PM Sat 9AM-6PM Sun 9AM-5PM     European Wax Center was founded a decade ago on the belief that all of us deserve beautiful, gorgeous skin.  Waxing, beauty, cosmetics 
314  o_291-1  291 Newbury Street  Eyestarr    (Up)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   857.233.2034  Mon & Wed 10AM-2PM Tue, Thur & Fri 10AM-7PM Sat 10AM-5PM Sun CLOSED     EyeStarr is Boston's premier lash extension and brow boutique.  Cosmetic, eyebrows, lashes 
88  o_115-5  115 Newbury Street  Faherty Brand      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   857.250.2916  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM     Our life-long dream has been to create clothing for life's great moments, the ones spent by the water, around a bonfire, catching waves or watching sunrises. It's what makes the morning commute, the boss you don't like, and the pile of work on your desk not so bad. We're proud to design clothing made from unique and sustainable fabrics, and develop close, personal relationships with our manufacturers to craft high quality goods. You'll often find us in one of our four shops around the country, be it in SoHo, NY; Nantucket, MA; or Malibu and Newport Beach, CA. If you're in the area, swing by and say hi. It's our customers and community that give this brand life.  Men's clothing, Women's clothing 
92  o_117  117 Newbury Street  FatFace      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   857.233.4804  11AM - 6PM 7 DAYS     Proudly designed in the UK, FatFace's clothes are built to last using high quality fabrics and careful attention to detail.  Accessories, handbags, jewelry, fragrances, eyewear, footwear 
203  o_209-1  209 Newbury Street  Fineone Hand Craft & Gift    (UP)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.982.7196  10AM - 8 PM, 7 DAYS     Fineone chooses the most exquisite handcrafted products from around the world and presents them to you.   
32  o_35-3  35 Newbury Street  Firas Yousif Originals    (2nd fl)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0100  Hours by appointment     Couture one-of-a-kind Bridal gowns & Evening dresses. Firas Yousif Originals was recently voted "Best Wedding Dresses" by the Boston A-List and "Best Bridal Designer" by the Improper Bostonian Magazine. Beautiful full service showroom located on the first block of Newbury St near the Public Garden.   
24  e_30  30 Newbury Street  Firestone & Parsons      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.1858  Mon-Fri 9:30AM-5PM Sat & Sun Closed     Firestone and Parson has been engaged in selling fine jewelry and antiques. The company's interest in quality and value has led it, over the years, to expand its purchasing and sale of old jewelry, fine diamonds, colored stones, and rare antique silver, while also maintaining a full line of classic modern and estate pieces.  Jewelry, antiques, watches 
214  o_217-1  217 Newbury Street  Fish & Bone    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   857.753.4176  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 10AM-6PM     Charming pet-supply shop offering all-natural food, toys & gear for canines & felines.  Pet supplies, dogs, cats, animals 
226  o_223-1  223 Newbury Street  Fitness Hub*    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116          Fitness Hub, is a luxury Fitness Club and Activewear Boutique. Our boutique features the latest in activewear and work out clothing from over 50 top designers from around the world!   
331  e_304-1  304 Newbury Street  Fjallraven    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   857.702.3076  Sun-Fri 10AM-7PM Sat 10AM-8PM     Clothing, accessories & gear for the outdoor lifestyle, from the namesake Swedish brand.  Clothing, outdoors, accessories 
365  o_343  343 Newbury Street  Forever 21      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0212  Mon-Sat 10AM-10PM Sun 11AM-9PM     The authority on fashion & the go-to retailer for the latest trends, must-have styles & the hottest deals. Shop dresses, tops, tees, leggings & more.  Clothing, accessories, shoes 
145  e_156-1  156 Newbury Street  Frame Denim    (Coming Soon)    Boston  MA  02116             Clothing, women, men, accessories 
197  o_201-4  201 Newbury Street  Francesca's*      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.0103  Mon-Thu 10AM-7PM Fri & Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Shop our curated collection of dresses, handbags, shoes, accessories, unique gifts & home décor at francesca's!  Boutique, dresses, accessories, decor 
327  o_301-1  301 Newbury Street  Fred Perry*    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   857.233.4698  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Sports-influenced casual fashion chain selling clothes and shoes with an iconic laurel wreath logo.  Clothing, shoes, casual 
99  o_121-3  121 Newbury Street  Fresh    (Down)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   617.421.1212  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Beyond a brick and mortar location, we are best known for our superior service for big events. We realize that special occasions are stressful, hectic days. Let Studio 9 help you rest and relax. ?Whether it is your Wedding Day, high school reunion, prom, graduation, 50th Wedding anniversary, Christmas party or any day you just have to look gorgeous, Studio 9 will take care of you!  Makeup, Cosmetics, fragrances, accessories 
306  e_284  284 Newbury Street  Frye      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.3793  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Flagship outpost of the footwear brand, offering artisan leather boots & shoes for men & women.  Shoes, footwear, boots 
27  o_33-1  33 Newbury Street  Galerie d'Orsay    (Up)  Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.8001  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Since 2000, Galerie d’Orsay has served as Boston’s première resource for the finest of Master Works. Located in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay, the gallery and its qualified staff, provide acquisition and collection expertise to a wide-ranging global base of discerning art collectors. Galerie d’Orsay’s collection spans six centuries of art featuring works by preeminent old master, impressionist and modern artists, while maintaining an internationally renowned stable of living artists.   
43  o_67-2  67 Newbury Street  Gallery Naga      Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.9060  Open by appointment only.     Gallery located in neo-Gothic church focuses on paintings by Boston & New England-based artists.  Church 
59  o_83-2  83 Newbury Street  Georgetown Cupcakes      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.927.2250  Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 10AM-8PM     Boston's destination for designer cupcakes. We bake our cupcakes on site daily and use the finest ingredients.  Desserts, Coffee 
20  e_22  22 Newbury Street  Giorgio Armani      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.3200  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 11AM-5PM     Fashion retailer selling high-end apparel & accessories from the namesake designer.  Clothing, Apparel, accessories 
324  o_297-4  297 Newbury Street  GlamSquad    (3rd fl)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116             
o_9-3  9 Newbury Street  Glavas Center*    (6th fl)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   617-2620070          
372  o_351-2  351 Newbury Street  GNC      Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116             
113  e_130-1  130 Newbury Street  Goorin Bros    (Up)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.4287  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-7PM     Fourth-generation hatter selling all styles of men's & women's headgear in retro-feeling digs.  Hatter, head gear, hats 
231  o_225-2  225 Newbury Street  Gre.Co    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.572.3300  Mon-Sun 11AM-10PM     Introducing Gre.Co, the everyday eatery that serves slow-cooked delicacies and hand-crafted desserts for life on-the-go. It’s the best of both worlds—the convenience of street cart food made with the high standards of a gourmet Greek chef.   
66  e_88-3  88 Newbury Street  H&M*      Apparel, Accessories, Home Decor  Boston  MA  02116   855.466.7467  Mon-Thu 10AM-10PM Fri & Sat 9AM-10PM Sun 10AM-9PM (Summer Hours)     We offer collections that are wide-ranging and varied for women, men, teenagers and children clothing.  Clothing, apparel, accessories 
243  e_232-1  232 Newbury Street  H.T. Skin and Nails    (Up)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.4575  Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM Sun 10AM-7PM     We invite you to visit our nail salon for a day of pampering. Our professional and experienced staff will assist you with helping your hands and feet regain their natural beauty. We emphasize not only on the importance of making you feel relaxed and pampered, but also on the importance of sanitation. We use the latest and most thorough sanitizing technology to ensure that our equipments are clean and disinfected. Disposable tools are always dispose of after each and every client.   
82  e_114-1  114 Newbury Street  Haberdashery    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116             Clothing, accessories, women, decor 
255  e_244-1  244 Newbury Street  Hastens    (Up)  Home Decor  Boston  MA  02116   617.992.6908  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Hästens makes beds that will change your life, and alter the way you think about sleep forever.  Furniture, beds 
328  o_301-2  301 Newbury Street  Hempest    (Down)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.421.9944  Mon-Wed 11AM-7PM Thu-Sat 11AM-8PM Sun 11:30AM-7PM     The Hempest is an eco-friendly clothing store specializing in hemp clothing, products, and accessories.   
259  o_247-1  247 Newbury Street  i Fix Your i    (up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   857.233.4747  Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM Sun11AM-5PM     We offer every type of repair from cracked glass, broken LCD screen, water damage and any other component.  Cell phone repair, service, Apple, Android 
215  o_217-2  217 Newbury Street  I.CE.NY        Boston  MA  02116              
189  e_182  182 Newbury Street  Illesteva      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   857.250.2497  MON-SUN 11AM-7PM     Each of our signature flavors, rotating specials, and seasonal flavors are made in small batches to ensure that every hand-packed scoop or pint is as fresh and delicious as possible. In addition to our signature coconut base, we also use a variety of scratch-made almond, cashew, and fruit-based blends for our limited batch offerings.   
61  o_85-2  85 Newbury Street  Indochino*    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   857.277.0585  Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM Sat & Sun 10AM-6PM       Men, clothing, formalwear 
54  o_77-2  77 Newbury Street  Interior Define      Services, Home Décor  Boston  MA  02116             
190  e_186  186 Newbury Street  Intermix      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.5172  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-7PM     Intermix offers the most sought-after styles from an edited selection of coveted designers. Renowned for our philosophy of mixing on-trend pieces in unexpected ways, INTERMIX delivers a unique point of view and an individualized approach to shopping and personal style.  Trendy, clothing, designer 
289  o_267  267 Newbury Street  Itadaki Japanese Restaurant      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.0840  Mon-Thu 11:30AM-10PM Fri & Sat 11:30AM-10:30PM Sun 11:30AM-9:30PM     An authentic Japanese restaurant serving the finest ramen, sushi, and other popular dishes.  Japanese Restaurant, restaurant 
199  o_201-6  201 Newbury Street  Jacadi      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.859.5879  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Jacadi provides the world with authentic and timeless children's fashion in the French tradition. Jacadi products reflect elegance and refinement for children from 0 to 12 years for clothing, footwear and nursery.  Kids, clothing, accessories, trendy 
153  o_161-3  161 Newbury Street  Jennifer's Nails & Skin Salon #161    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.7777  Mon-Sat 9AM-8:30PM Sun 10AM-7:30PM     Jennifer wishes you to have a relaxing and totally enjoyable nail and skin session in the luxurious Newbury Street, Back Bay nail and skin salon. Professionally trained and talented nail associates will give you excellent results and cause you to feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day or evening. You will be satisfied that your experience was the best it could be and our full list of nail and waxing services are available to both women and men patrons. Our salon culture is that of serving our guests with the best possible services and products in a healthy and hygienic environment. When you leave our salon, you will look forward to your next appointment with us.   
229  e_224-2  224 Newbury Street  Jennifer's Nails & Skin Salon #224    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.437.0777  Mon-Sat 9AM-8:30PM Sun 10AM-7:30PM     Jennifer wishes you to have a relaxing and totally enjoyable nail and skin session in the luxurious Newbury Street, Back Bay nail and skin salon. Professionally trained and talented nail associates will give you excellent results and cause you to feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day or evening. You will be satisfied that your experience was the best it could be and our full list of nail and waxing services are available to both women and men patrons. Our salon culture is that of serving our guests with the best possible services and products in a healthy and hygienic environment. When you leave our salon, you will look forward to your next appointment with us.  Nails 
188  o_181  181 Newbury Street  Joe's American Bar & Grill      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.4200  Mon-Thu 11AM-12AM Fri-Sun 9AM-12AM     Relaxed bar and grill chain offering a varied American pub-food menu.  Sit down, Restaurant 
321  o_297-1  297 Newbury Street  John Schachter + Associates    (4th Fl)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.1915  Mon-Fri 9:30AM-5:30PM     Since 1993 my group of skilled associates and I have been helping clients make the right financial, tax and business decisions. We take the pain out of relating with the IRS and state revenue departments, with expert tax preparation, planning and representation services.   
301  o_279-1  279 Newbury Street  Johnny Cupcakes    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.375.0100  Mon-Sat 11am-8pm Sun 11AM-7PM     Trendy, brick-walled shop selling high-end T-shirts & novelties out of pastry cases.  Clothing, trendy 
376  o_355  355 Newbury Street  Johnson Paint      Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.4244  Mon-Fri 6:30AM-5PM Sat 7AM-2PM Sun Closed     Johnson's has earned its reputation as New England's most complete paint store. We are proud of our seventy year heritage and reputation, and strive to maintain a level of customer satisfaction that is second to none.  Paint, design 
132  o_141-2  141 Newbury Street  Joie      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.933.0397  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     JOIE has been one of the most sought after contemporary brands catering to the savvy, fashion-minded, modern woman. Understatedly chic, JOIE’s designs are constantly inspired by the Southern California lifestyle and its casual, yet sophisticated way of life.  Clothing, women, casual 
104  o_125-3  125 Newbury Street  Jonquils Café      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.982.6117   7AM - 9PM 7 DAYS     Stylish café with artisan coffee and pastry, grounded in their commitment to fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and warm-hearted hospitality.   
176  o_173-2  173 Newbury Street  JP Licks    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116            Ice Cream, snacks, 
303  o_279-3  279 Newbury Street  Kashmir Restaurant    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.1695  Mon-Sun 11:30AM-11PM     Destination for elaborate lunch buffet & tandoori classics served amid traditional Indian art.  Restaurant 
80  e_112-1  112 Newbury Street  Kiehl's    (Up)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.1777  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Skincare, hair & beauty products for men & women.  Hair, skin, beauty 
210  o_215-1  215 Newbury Street  KitchenWares    (Up)  Services, Home Decor  Boston  MA  02116   857.366.4237  Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     “ Best-of-Boston (2011 & 2016) retailer of kitchen wares with large selection of fine cutlery. Professional knife sharpening on-site.”  Kitchenware, classes, knife 
15  e_14  14 Newbury Street  L'elite Bridal Boston    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.1010  Mon-Fri 10AM-6:30PM Sat 10AM-5:30PM Sun 12PM-5pm     Bridal fashion for modern, sophisticated woman of all generations from around the world, with its collections that are classic and timeless, while remaining fashion-forward. Impeccable service and superior client experiences are of paramount importance in all boutique locations.  Boutique, women, wedding, gown 
98  o_121-2  121 Newbury Street  L'elite Occasions    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.1020  Mon-Fri 10AM-6:30PM Sat 12PM-6PM Sun12PM-5PM       Wedding gowns, Dresses 
281  o_259-2  259 Newbury Street  La Voile    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.587.4200       Intimate destination for French fare constructed with pieces from the original La Voile in Cannes.  French restaurant, restaurant 
332  e_304-2  304 Newbury Street  Lady M      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.329.5555  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Lady M Confections prides itself on creating the freshest and finest handmade cakes.  Desserts 
264  o_249-2  249 Newbury Street  Lauren's Nails    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.1480  Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM Sun10AM-7PM       Nail Salon 
158  e_164-3  164 Newbury Street  Laurens's Nails & Skin Salon    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.1496  Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM Sun 10AM-7PM     Our professional and experienced staff will assist you with helping your hands and feet regain their natural beauty. We offer: Nail Care, Acrylic Nail Services, Weekly Polish, Gel Polish, Childrens' Services, Waxing Services and Threading Services.  Nails, manicure, pedicure 
112  o_127-129-4  127-129 Newbury Street  Le Labo*      Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   857.263.7542  Open Daily 11AM-7PM       Fragrances, perfume, body spray 
34  o_37-2  37 Newbury Street  LensCrafters      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.437.1070  Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM Sat 9AM-6PM Sun 12PM-6PM     An international retailer of prescription eyewear, and prescription sunglasses, and the largest optical chain in the United States  Eyewear, glasses, sunglasses 
375  o_353  353 Newbury Street  Lf Boston      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.1213  Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Step into the world of LF for a unique and exciting fashion experience. Geared towards girls who dare to be different, LF has become the must have destination for many fashionistas who crave upcoming trends on the fashion circuit.  Accessories, women, clothing 
274  e_254-1  254 Newbury Street  Light RX Face & Body    (Up)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116              
120  o_133-1  133 Newbury Street  Lilly Pulitzer    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.6423  Mon-Sun 10AM-7PM     Every Lilly store is full of personal touches. From 3D oranges reminiscent of Peter Pulitzer's orange groves to sea shells applied on the walls, each store should make you feel the sun on your shoulders. The details are unique but the sentiment is the same - bright colors, prints, whimsical props and Florida inspired designs can't help but transport you to Lilly's Palm Beach.  Preppy, clothing, apparel, accessories 
318  o_293  293 Newbury Street  Lipstick*      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116    617.267.6900  Mon-Sat 11AM-9PM Sun 11AM-7PM       Apparel 
227  o_223-2  223 Newbury Street  Lit*    (Down)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.421.8637  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Nestled in the Heart of Back Bay on Boston's premier shopping district, LIT offers a change of pace for those shopping for unique garments in an exquisite boutique atmosphere.  Boutique, clothing, apparel 
139  e_144-3  144 Newbury Street  Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.369.5609  Mon-Sun 5PM-2AM *Late night menu served until 1AM Thu-Sat 12AM Sun-Wed     Vibrant, trendy lounge offering Mexican-inspired eats & a lengthy tequila list amid Gothic decor.  Sit down, spanish, restaurant, late night 
128  o_139-1  139 Newbury Street  Longchamp Paris      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.425.0740  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Longchamp is a French luxury leather goods company.  Leather goods, shoes, handbags 
38  o_45  45 Newbury Street  Loro Piana      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.4999  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM        
238  o_229  229 Newbury Street  Lucky Brand Jeans    (Up/Down)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.0102  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Lucky Brand Jeans is an American denim company producing denim clothing along with sportswear, outerwear, T-shirts and active wear.  Clothing, denim, active wear 
358  o_337  337 Newbury Street  Lululemon      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.867.6561  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 10AM-6PM     lululemon athletica is a technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running, training and most other sweaty pursuits.  Athletic apparel, clothing 
335  e_306-1  306 Newbury Street  Lure Boutique    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116    617.267.6900  Mon-Sat 11AM-9PM Sun 11AM-7PM        
137  e_144-1  144 Newbury Street  Lush Cosmetics      Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116             
347  o_329  329 Newbury Street  Madewell      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.0904  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-7PM     We’re jeans makers. But we also focus on all the things you wear with denim: timeless leather jackets, great boots, slouchy tees and have—forever totes.  Clothing, women, denim, accessories 
152  o_161-2  161 Newbury Street  Mangano    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.375.1081  Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     At Mangano Fashion Boutique you can find unique items, reasonable priced, and made with the same quality you have come to expect from Italian workmanship.  Clothing, boutique 
130  e_140  140 Newbury Street  Marimekko      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.2500  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Marimekko is a design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colours. Positive and empowering lifestyle brand marrying creativity with function, Marimekko continues to delight the world with timeless, yet distinctive designs for fashion, accessories and home décor.  Clothing, accessories, decor 
133  e_142-1  142 Newbury Street  Marine Layer*      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   857.277.1647  Mon-Sun 10AM-7PM     Absurdly soft clothes designed in San Francisco and enjoyed by all.  Clothing, apparel 
o_9-2  9 Newbury Street  Mario Russo Salon    (2nd & 3rd fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.6676  Mon & Tue 9AM-7PM Wed-Fri 9AM-8PM Sat 8AM-6PM Sun 10AM-6PM     Mario Russo has been synonymous with the cutting-edge of style since it first opened its doors on Newbury Street in 1990. Winner of countless awards, including five-time Top 100 Salons in Elle Magazine and twenty-one Best of Boston accolades, Mario Russo is the premier destination for the best stylists, precision cuts, natural-looking color, and luxurious blowouts. Having opened its second Boston location on Fan Pier in 2010, Mario Russo has, and continues to earn, a devoted following. Under style impresario Mario Russo’s trained eye, and with the support of his team of multi-talented stylists, the salon has earned a national reputation for being one of the premier salons in Boston, New England and the U.S.   
46  o_69-2  69 Newbury Street  Max Mara      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.9775  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun12PM-6PM     Italian designer offering stylish women's apparel, including outerwear, shoes & accessories.  Women, clothing, shoes, footwear, accessories 
239  e_230-1  230 Newbury Street  Mega Mobile    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.834.8134  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun11AM-5PM     MEGA MOBILE is a one of a kind retail destination dedicated to unlocked GSM cell phones and to products and services supporting the emerging mobile lifestyle.  Phone, repairs 
140  o_147  147 Newbury Street  Met Back Bay      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.0451  Mon-Thu 8AM-10PM Fri 8AM-11PM Sat 9AM-11PM Sun 9AM-9PM     Snazzy local chain of upscale steakhouses, also known for gourmet burgers & weekend brunch.  Sit down, restaurant, Outdoor seating 
25  o_31  31 Newbury Street  Miniluxe      Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116             
319  e_296-1  296 Newbury Street  Miniluxe    (Up)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   857.362.7444  Mon-Sat 8AM-9PM Sun 9AM-8PM       Salon 
326  o_299-2  299 Newbury Street  Ministry of Suply    (Down)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.4253  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Ministry of Supply is a Boston-based high performance business wear men's fashion brand.  Clothing, men, formal 
315  o_291-2  291 Newbury Street  Mother Juice    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.945.7357       Mother Juice was born out of a love for farmers' markets and healthy, delicious food. With a simple mission and a big dream. The shop reflects the rustic elements of Mother Juice's commitment to local and organic farmers.   
373  o_351-3  351 Newbury Street  Motion Stretch Studio      Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116              
377  o_359  359 Newbury Street  Muji      Apparel, Accessories, Home Décor  Boston  MA  02116          MUJI, originally founded in Japan in 1980, offers a wide variety of good quality products including household goods, apparel and food. Mujirushi Ryohin, MUJI in Japanese, translates as “no-brand quality goods.”   
268  o_251-2  251 Newbury Street  Mulberry Road    (Down)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.859.5861  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun11AM-5PM     Boutique offering high-end clothing & shoes for infants & kids, plus decor & accessories.  Kids, infants, clothing, shoes, footwear 
71  o_99-101  99-101 Newbury Street  N.E. Historic Genealogical Society      Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.5740  Tue, Thu-Sat 9AM-5PM Wed 9AM-9PM     We provide expert family history services through our staff, original scholarship, data-rich website, educational opportunities, and research center to help family historians of all levels explore their past and understand their families’ unique place in history.  History, family 
156  e_164-1  164 Newbury Street  New Wave Boston Real Estate    (4th fl)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.259.1760       New Wave began with a partnership between two driven Back Bay brokers. We worked hard to establish a quality inventory, built lasting relationships with the city’s best landlords and management companies, and put the extra hours in to view every piece of property we listed.    
355  e_336-2  336 Newbury Street  Newbury Comics*    (Up)  Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.4930  Mon-Sat 10AM-10PM Sun 11AM-8PM     Source for music, movies, comics, and other pop culture goods, with an emphasis on independent artists.  Book, novelties, gifts, magazines 
297  e_274-1  274 Newbury Street  Newbury Dental    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0106  Mon-Thu 7AM-7PM Fri 8AM-4PM Sat 8AM-3PM Sun CLOSED     Gentle Dental has been providing patients with excellence in Dental Care for over 35 years.  Dentist 
30  o_35-1  35 Newbury Street  Newbury Fine Arts    (Up)  Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.0210  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Established art gallery showcasing a variety of contemporary artists in individual & group shows.  Art gallery 
282  o_261  261 Newbury Street  Newbury Guest House      Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.670.6000       3 historic townhouses set on a fashionable shopping street make up this hotel with simple rooms.  Hotel 
277  o_255-2  255 Newbury Street  Newbury Nails & Skin    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.2333  Mon-Sat 9PM-8PM Sun10AM-7PM     Newbury Skin & Nails is one of the best nail salons which provide the highest quality-services.  Nail Salon, manicure 
211  o_215-2  215 Newbury Street  Newbury Visions    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.437.1364  Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM Sat 10:30AM-4PM Sun Closed     We carry a wide variety of fashionable eyewear from designers such as Giorgio Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Gucci, Alain Mikli, Silhouette, TC Charton, MODO, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Burberry, and Nike. We fit and sell a complete selection of contact lenses from CIBA VISION. We offer comprehensive eye exams  Eyewear, glasses, designer 
193  e_200  200 Newbury Street  Nike      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.3400  Mon 10AM-7PM Tue-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-7PM     Nike create products, services and experiences for today’s athlete while solving problems for the next generation.  Clothing, footwear, active wear 
221  e_220-2  220 Newbury Street  No Rest for Bridget*    (Down)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.5650  Mon-Wed 10AM-7:30PM Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Boutique selling trendy, casual and fun styles of women's clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.  Boutique, clothing, women, accessories, footwear 
60  e_84  84 Newbury Street  Nordstrom Rack      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   857.300.2300  Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 11AM-7PM     Nordstrom Rack is the off-price retail division of Nordstrom Inc. Nordstrom Rack has been serving customers for over 40 years, offering many of the same Nordstrom brands we know our customers love at great prices.  Clothing, apparel, footwear, discount, designer 
96  o_119-2  119 Newbury Street  Paddywax      Home Decor, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   857.317.4912  Thurs-Fri 12-6P Sat 11A-6P Sun 12-6P     Paddywax Candle Bar provides a place where friends can gather, connect, and create. Our candle pouring workshops offer an opportunity to create lasting memories and a candle that is unique to you. So pull up a seat and join us!  Home goods, fragrances, candles, décor 
28  o_33-2  33 Newbury Street  Pageo      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.0066  Mon-Sat 11AM -6PM     Pageo has always set its standards high and continuously searches the globe for pieces never seen before in the United States. Unlike other jewelry stores which highlight individual designers, Pageo displays multiple artists within each showcase to create a new, yet cohesive, story. With one-0f-a-kind artistry ranging from traditional to modern, Pageo offers a wide selection of glittering treasures that enables their clients to put unexpected pieces together in a way that shows off their personal style and creativity. Pageo has won numerous awards, both nationally and internationally, including Best of Boston (Boston Magazine) and Top 50 Jewelry Retailers (JTA) on numerous occasions.  Jewelry, watches, earrings, rings 
148  o_159  159 Newbury Street  Papa Razzi      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.9200  Mon-Thu 11:30AM-10PM Fri 11:30AM-11PM Sat 11AM-11PM Sun 11AM-10PM     We offer the best of Italian scratch cooking fresh from our wood-fired ovens.  Pizza, Pasta, restaurant, Outdoor seating 
367  e_346  346 Newbury Street  Patagonia      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.1776  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM SUN 12PM-6PM     Patagonia is a designer of outdoor clothing and gear for the silent sports: climbing, surfing, skiing and snowboarding.  Clothing, outdoor, sports, backpacks 
279  o_257-2  257 Newbury Street  Patisserie on Newbury    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.670.6040  Mon-Sat 8AM-7PM Sun 9AM-6PM     Small bake shop offering French breads, artisanal cheeses & pastries, plus made-to-order sandwiches.  Coffee,Restaurant 
310  e_286-3  286 Newbury Street  Pavement Coffee House    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.859.9515  Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM Sat&Sun 8AM-7PM     Pavement is a collection of six unique coffeehouses featuring Boston’s best homemade bagels, award-winning coffee service, warm atmosphere, and welcoming staff.  Coffee 
169  e_170-1  170 Newbury Street  Peruvian Connection    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   857.753.4546  Mon-Wed 10AM-6PM Thu & Fri 10AM-7PM Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Peruvian Connection’s collections are created by a group of extraordinarily talented designers. Each piece is a celebration of ethnographic textiles from around the world, made by skilled Andean artisans whose time-honored textile tradition remains an art form.  Clothing, dresses, accessories 
233  e_226-2  226 Newbury Street  Piattinni Wine Café    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.2020  Mon-Thu 11:30AM-10PM Fri-Sat 11:30AM-11PM Sun 11:30AM-10PM     Our ingredients are the freshest possible, arriving daily; you’ll notice the difference at your first bite. Our location on Newbury Street in the heart of the Back Bay has an intimate dining room (just 14 tables inside and 7 on the secluded patio) and regional Italian cuisine.  Restaurant 
237  e_228-2  228 Newbury Street  Piattinni Wine Café    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.2020  Sun-Thurs 11:30AM-10PM Fri/Sat 11:30AM-11PM     Rustic Italian eatery crafting small plates & entrees, with a wine bar & a patio.  Restaurant 
125  o_135-2  135 Newbury Street  Poggen Pohl      Home Decor  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.5253  Mon-Fri 9:30AM-5:30PM Sat 10AM-4PM     Technical expertise, materials of the highest quality, meticulous craftsmanship and trend-setting design go into every Poggenpohl kitchen. At our factory in Herford, Germany we pay the utmost attention to detail and aim for perfection in everything we make.  Appliances, kitchen, hardware 
110  o_127-129-2  127-129 Newbury Street  Posman Books      (Coming Soon)  Boston  MA  02116              
311  e_286-4  286 Newbury Street  Pressed Juicery    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116          Our founders created Pressed Juicery with one goal in mind, to bring delicious, premium, and nutritious juice to everyone. They did it by doing things that many health and wellness companies often forget: Make it taste great. Make it simple.Make it affordable. Make it for everyone.  Smoothies, frozen yogurt, dessert, Juice 
249  e_240-1  240 Newbury Street  Pucker Gallery      Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.9473  Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM Sun 10:30AM-5PM     Pucker Gallery exhibits an eclectic and sophisticated collection of works by over 50 international artists, including ceramics, photography, painting, sculpture, mobiles, and mixed media works.   
369  e_348-2  348 Newbury Street  Pure Barre      Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.5360  Mon-Thurs 6AM-9PM Fri 6AM-7PM Sat 7AM-5PM Sun 8AM-6:30PM     A total body workout, Pure Barre lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs, and arms, and burns fat.  Fitness 
181  e_176-1  176 Newbury Street  Pure Glow    (2nd fl)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.4455  Mon & Tue 3PM-9PM Wed-Fri 10AM-9PM Sat 10AM-5PM Closed Sun     Pure Glow is a custom organic spray tanning service. We've set out to make safe, healthy tanning more accessible than ever, with a spray studio located in the heart of Boston's Back Bay, as well as a full scale concierge (mobile) business. This means we'll travel right to you (home, office, hotel, dorm, preferred space) to hand apply our premium organic solution for the most even, flawless tan in minutes. Get beautiful, long lasting color without compromising your health or busy schedule! Our Mission - To help Bostonians get beautiful, natural looking color year round without exposure to damaging UV rays or toxic chemicals. We believe what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. We also believe that when you look good, you feel even better. We make it easy to look great and feel good about your glow.  Tanning salon, Spray Tan 
287  e_264-2  264 Newbury Street  Puro Ceviche Bar    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.0707  Mon-Sun 11AM-11PM     PURO ceviche bar is a Latin inspired concept driven by love and passion that aims to produce unforgettable moments of celebrations through food and wine. Carefully selected ingredients of high quality and freshness is the only standard allowed to produce the enticing and creative seafood dishes. Our creative, energetic and underground ambiance brings an unmatchable energy to Newbury Street, while providing attentive and friendly service. The Puro way of life is to have fun and enjoyment with our guests and friends.   
312  o_287  287 Newbury Street  Q Optical    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.9292  Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM or by appt.     Boston optometrist on Newbury Street offers eyeglasses, eye exams & prescription eyewear contact lenses.  Eyewear, glasses, sunglasses 
86  o_115-3  115 Newbury Street  Rag & Bone*      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.6700  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 12AM-7PM       Clothing, apparel, denim, accessories 
69  o_93-95  93-95 Newbury Street  Ralph Lauren      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.1124  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM SUN 12PM-6PM     Shop for great products for yourself and your home, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and exquisite gifts and much, much more.  Clothing, apparel, footwear, decor 
364  e_342  342 Newbury Street  Reformation      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116             
118  e_132-2  132 Newbury Street  Reiss*      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.5800  Mon-Thu 11AM-7PM Fri & Sat 11AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Fashion brand known for its modern takes on classic, casual & formal designs for men & women.  Casual, clothing, apparel, formal 
44  12  e_234  234 Berkely Street  Restoration Hardware    (RH Gallery)  Home Décor, parking  Boston  MA  02116   857.239.7202  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Restoration Hardware is a luxury brand in the home furnishings marketplace offering furniture, lighting, textiles, bathware, décor, outdoor and garden, as well as baby & child products.  Furniture, lighting, decor, outside, bedding Parking lot 
73  o_103  103 Newbury Street  Revival Café and Kitchen    Up (Coming Soon)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02115              
283  e_262  262 Newbury Street  Revolve Consignment    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0720  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Revolve is the largest, independent, locally-owned consignment network in New England.  Makeup, cosmetics 
90  e_116-2  116 Newbury Street  Riccardi    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.3158  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM     Hip, bi-level boutique featuring brand-name luxury apparel, sportswear & jeans for men & women.  Clothing, sportswear, denim, boutique 
21  e_24  24 Newbury Street  Richard Mille      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116             
336  e_306-2  306 Newbury Street  Rick Walker's    (Down)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.482.7426  Mon-Sun 12PM-7:30PM     Longtime seller of new & pre-owned western wear, including boots, cowboy hats, jewelry & apparel.  Clothing, western, jewelry, accessories 
14  e_12  12 Newbury Street  Rimowa      Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.2300  Mon-Wed 10AM-6PM Thu & Fri 10AM-7PM Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Whether traditional aluminium cases or light luggage made of the high-tech material polycarbonate, the RIMOWA design is unmistakable due to the groove structure of its case shells. An innovative approach and exceptional demands when it comes to quality are just a couple of the aspects that make RIMOWA one of Europe's leading luggage manufacturers.  Luggage, travel, cases 
382  o_375  375 Newbury Street  Room & Board      Home Decor  Boston  MA  02116   617.351.0020  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Contemporary furniture for every room displayed in five floors of the historic Sherman Building.  Furniture, decor, modern 
366  e_344  344 Newbury Street  Roots      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116             
267  o_251-1  251 Newbury Street  Royce' Chocolate    (Up)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   857.233.2280  Open Daily 11AM-7PM     ROYCE’ has become known for crafting unique chocolate products such as Nama (“fresh”), maccha chocolates and potatochip chocolates that are now enjoyed in over 14 countries, including the U.S. Now that the secret is out, ROYCE’ is on a mission to introduce all Americans to the deliciously unique taste of chocolate, Japanese-style.  Chocolate 
245  o_233  233 Newbury Street  Safar Salon    (Up)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.3933  Mon & Tue 9AM-5:30PM Wed-Fri 9AM-7PM Sat 9AM-5:30PM Sun Closed     An innate creativity and decades of experience have made Safar the premiere destination for beauty needs.  Beauty, cosmetics 
12  o_11-1  11 Newbury Street  Salon Capri    (2nd fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.0020  Tue 9AM-6PM Wed & Thu 9AM-9PM Fri 9AM-8PM Sat 8:30AM-6PM Closed Mon & Sun     Nicholas and Gina Penna opened the first SalonCapri over 45 years ago in Hyde Park. This location started with only five styling stations but it quickly developed a diverse clientele, thanks to its extensively-trained staff and cutting-edge styling. Nicholas and Gina’s children, Nicholas Jr. and Laura, joined the family business and, in 2000, expanded with a second SalonCapri in Newton Highlands. In 2010, the Hyde Park location moved to Legacy Place, a premiere outdoor lifestyle and shopping center in Dedham and, in 2013, a third location opened its doors on the famed Newbury Street in Boston. SalonCapri now offers its clientele the latest in hair and beauty innovations in three state-of-the-art locations.   
100  o_123-1  123 Newbury Street  Salon George De Mello    (2nd fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.1290         Hairdresser, blowouts, stylist, newbury street salon, 
87  o_115-4  115 Newbury Street  Salon Marc Harris    (2nd fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.2222  Mon 9AM-3PM Tue & Wed 9AM-8PM Thu 9AM-8:30PM Fri 8:30AM-7:30PM Sat 8:30AM-6PM     At Marc Harris we are committed to providing exceptional quality and superior service in a professional environment which exceeds your expectations.  Salon 
166  e_168-3  168 Newbury Stree  Salon Mone't    (3rd fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116             
182  e_176-2  176 Newbury Street  Salon Monet    (4th fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.425.0009  Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM Sat 9AM-5PM Sun CLOSED     Salon Monet is an award winning full-service hair salon and Brow and Lash Boutique on the prestigious Newbury Street. Salon Monet offers a wide array of hair care services including lash extensions, precision cuts, highlights, hair color, perms, relaxers, braiding, in addition to our award winning hair extension services.  Salon, eyebrows, lashes 
351  o_331-2  331 Newbury Street  Salon Persona    (Up)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.859.7744  Sun & Mon Closed Tues & Fri 9:30AM-6:30PM Wed 9:30AM-7:30PM Thu 10AM-7:30PM Sat 9AM-5:30PM       Salon 
126  e_136  136 Newbury Street  School of Fashion Design      Institutions  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.9343  Mon10AM-5PM Tue-Fri10AM-9PM     We provide students with a solid foundation in apparel design and construction that you won’t find anywhere else. We offer small, hands-on classes taught by expert faculty in professional studio workrooms, and our Newbury Street location is the heart of the Boston fashion district.  Education, school, fashion 
217  e_218-2  218 Newbury Street  SculptME    (Down)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116   857.239.8182       CoolSculpting is this amazing new technology reduces stubborn fat from certain areas of your body. It’s non-surgical with no needles and no downtime. It targets fat cells located underneath the patient’s skin and freezes them at temperatures that cause them to crystallize and die naturally.  Fat Loss, Health 
108  e_128-2  128 Newbury Street  Sea Bags    (Down)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116             
85  o_115-2  115 Newbury Street  SEE Eyewear*    (Up)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.0105  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Makers of one of a kind eyeglasses and sunglasses at affordable prices.  Eyewear, glasses, sunglasses 
64  e_88-1  88 Newbury Street  Sephora Studio      Health/Beauty, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116          Sephora is a leader in global prestige retail, teaching and inspiring clients to play in a world of beauty. Sephora has earned its reputation as a beauty trailblazer with its expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. At Sephora, beauty is in our DNA. Our revolutionary beauty-retail concept, founded in France by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1970, is defined by its unique, open-sell environment with an ever-increasing assortment of products from carefully curated brands.  Make Up, hair products, skin care, bath & body, nail, hair, tools & Brushes, perfume, cosmetics 
246  o_235-2  235 Newbury Street  Serafina      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116          In 1995, They Fulfilled Their Promise By Launching The Highly Acclaimed Serafina Fabulous Pizza. Following The Success Of Their First Location, They Both Went On To Open Successfully Twenty-Nine More Locations Worldwide. With New Locations On The Rise.   
122  e_134-1  134 Newbury Street  Serenella    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.5568  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM     Curated fashion, ready-to-wear and accessory collections for Boston, Palm Beach, and Nantucket.  Clothing, apparel, accessories 
247  e_236  236 Newbury Street  Shake Shack*      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.933.5050  Mon-Sun 11AM-11PM       Sit down Restaurant, Out door seating, takeout, burgers, shakes 
36  o_39  39 Newbury Street  Shreve, Crump & Low      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.9100  Mon-Wed 10AM-6PM Thu 10AM-8PM Fri-Sat 10AM-6PM     One of America's oldest jewelers, dating to 1796, with 2 stories of rings, watches & other gifts.  Jewelry 
72  o_103  103 Newbury Street  Simon Pearce Glass    Up  Home Decor  Boston  MA  02116   617.450.8388  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Simon Pearce designs stylish and elegant glassware, tableware, lighting, and home decor all handcrafted.  Glass, decor, tableware, lighting 
204  o_209-2  209 Newbury Street  Skin MD Laser & Cosmetic Group    (Down)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116          SkinMD is the area’s top medical spa offering cosmetic face and body treatments plus essential ongoing programs for your complete health and wellness. Our whole-body approach to treating each and every patient means that you will have a wide array of beauty services to choose from that will support you from your initial consultation to your first treatment to your final desired transformation, including:   
242  o_231-2  231 Newbury Street  Skindeep Med Spa      Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.7546  Mon-Thu 11AM-4:30PM Fri 11AM-3PM Sat & Sun Closed     Skin Deep Med Spa is a leading provider of laser hair removal in Boston.  Spa, hair removal 
363  o_341-2  341 Newbury Street  SLT    (2nd fl)  Health/Beauty  Boston  MA  02116             
134  e_142-2  142 Newbury Street  Small Pleasures      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.7371  Mon-Fri 11AM-6PM Sat 10:30AM-5PM     Small Pleasures is a jewelry store that opened in 1982 in Boston, Massachusetts. Our roots trace back to a tiny store on Cape Cod that opened in the early seventies and sold antique jewelry. We specialize in antique and estate jewelry sales, custom jewelry design, and watch and jewelry repair.  Jewelry, boutique 
290  e_268  268 Newbury Street  Sneaker Junkies    (Up)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.936.4441  Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM Sun12-6PM     Unique store featuring brand name shoes and trendy apparel.  Footwear, clothing, shoes 
345  o_327  327 Newbury Street  Sonsie      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.351.2500  Mon-Sun 8AM-1AM     serving top-notch International cuisine from award-winning Chef Bill Poirier. Open seven days a week from 7:00am to 1:00am, Sonsie boasts beautiful French doors that translate to an open sidewalk cafe in season  Restaurant, food, bistro, pizza, dinner 
170  e_170-2  170 Newbury Street  Soo Dee*    (Down)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.7888  Mon-Thu 10AM-8PM Fri & Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 11AM-7PM     Soodee is a upscale women's boutique offering timeless fashion for the sophisticated woman. Pieces are hand-picked to suit the "Soodee" look; selections represent international cutting edge designers and classic pieces with a twist. Our mission is to provide the most flattering looks and trends available for all fashionistas. Style is our obsession and our clients come first.  Women, boutique 
143  o_149  149 Newbury Street  Standard Parking      Parking  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.0131  24 Hours     Parking lot conveniently located on Newbury Street  Hourly Parking 
159  o_165  165 Newbury Street  Starbucks #165      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.5282  Mon-Wed 5:30AM-9PM Thu & Fri 5:30AM-10PM Sat & Sun 6AM-10PM     We use the highest quality arabica coffee as the base for our espresso drinks. Sample our unique coffees and espresso drinks today! We’re not just passionate purveyors of coffee, but everything else that goes with a full and rewarding coffeehouse experience. We also offer a selection of premium teas, fine pastries and other delectable treats to please the taste buds.  Coffee shop, espresso, Outdoor seating 
370  e_350  350 Newbury Street  Starbucks #350      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.5282  Mon-Thu 5:30AM-10PM Fri 5:30AM-10:30PM Sat 6AM-10:30PM Sun 6AM-10PM     We use the highest quality arabica coffee as the base for our espresso drinks. Sample our unique coffees and espresso drinks today!  Drinks, lunch, breakfast, snack 
102  o_125-2  125 Newbury Street  State & Liberty    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116          Providing Athletes the Fit and Feel they deserve in their dress clothes.Dress shirts designed for the "V" body type. More room in the upper body with a slim waist   
157  e_164-2  164 Newbury Street  Stephanie Saunders Art Gallery*    (Up)  Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.259.0567          
191  e_190  190 Newbury Street  Stephanie's on Newbury      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.0990  Mon-Fri 7:30AM-11PM Sat 9am-11PM Sun 9AM-10PM     Stephanie’s on Newbury is an institution in Boston when it comes to casual dining in the Back Bay.Stephanie’s has been serving award-winning “sophisticated comfort food” in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere since 1994. Stephanie’s is casual elegance at its best with one of the city’s most stylish sidewalk cafés and popular club-like bars overlooking Exeter Street.  Sit down, Restaurant Outdoor Seating 
94  e_118-2  118 Newbury Street  Steve Madden    (Down)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.4600  Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Building a look that is uniquely you is easy with the wide range of designs from Steve Madden.  Footwear, shoes 
89  e_116-1  116 Newbury Street  Stilisti      Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.2234  Tue12PM-5PM Wed & Thu 10AM-8PM Fri 10AM-6PM Sat 8AM-5PM     Stilisti was designed for both men and women who appreciate style and luxury without the attitude.  Clothing, apparel 
97  o_121-1  121 Newbury Street  Studio 9    (2nd fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.9990  Tue10AM-4PM Wed-Friday 10AM-7PM Sat 9AM-5PM     Studio 9's Salon is located on Newbury Street in the heart of Boston's Back Bay. Led by entrepreneur and hairstylist Deb Welch, Studio 9 is a collaboration of some of the best hair talent in Boston.   
253  e_240a-1  240A Newbury Street  Suitsupply      Apparel, Accessories, Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116          Suitsupply is a market defining brand showing strong international growth. We are pioneers at everything we do, and we work hard to keep it that way. Our pioneering spirit generates a contagious energy, which is what enables us to keep putting new ideas into practice.  Men's clothing, suits 
63  e_86  86 Newbury Street  Sunglass Hut #86      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.375.1049  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun12PM-6PM     Designer sunglasses for men, women and kids from the most popular fashion brands.  Eyewear, glasses, sunglasses 
353  o_335  335 Newbury Street  SunglassHut #335      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.1301  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Designer sunglasses for men, women and kids from the most popular fashion brands.  Eyewear, glasses, sunglasses 
93  e_118-1  118 Newbury Street  T-Mobile    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.425.5300  Mon-Sat 9:30AM-8PM Sun 11AM- 7PM     Wireless provider offering cell phones, data plans, Internet devices & accessories.  Cells phones, technology, accessories 
115  o_131-1  131 Newbury Street  T2*    (Up)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   857.350.4126  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 10AM-6PM     T2's thriving wholesale tea business services a select array of quality restaurants, cafes, hotels, food purveyors, cultural venues, caterers and corporate clients. We offer our amazing product range, service and support to some of the best establishments around the globe.  tea, specialty tea, tea pot 
68  o_91-2  91 Newbury Street  Tea Forté      Food/Drink, Home Décor  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.1100          
194  o_201-1  201 Newbury Street  Ted Baker London*    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.450.8339  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 12pm-6pm     Ted Baker has a very clear, unswerving, focus on quality, attention to detail and a quirky sense of humor.  Designer, clothing, fashion 
291  e_270-1  270 Newbury Street  Tervis    (Up)  Home Décor  Boston  MA  02116   617.266.1511  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun11-6PM     Tervis currently offers tumblers in numerous sizes, water bottles, sippy cups and wine glasses, 1000s of original and licensed designs and emblems and a full complement of accessories. The third generation family-owned-and-operated business, now employs more than 900 people and is celebrating 70 years of Made in the USA success.   
240  e_230-2  230 Newbury Street  Teuscher Chocolatier    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.1922  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Teuscher specializes in champagne truffles made with Dom Perignon Champagne.  Desserts 
119  e_132-3  132 Newbury Street  Thai Basil    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.578.0089  Mon-Thu 11AM-8:45PM Fri 11AM-9:45PM Sat 12PM-9:45PM Sun 12PM-8:45PM     Big portions and an affordable menu attract patrons to this perfect spot for classic Thai eats.  takeout, delivery, Sitdown, restaurant 
294  e_272-1  272 Newbury Street  The Fairy Shop    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.2520       Whimsical novelty shop specializing in toys & gifts related to fairies, gnomes & unicorns.  Novelty, gifts, kids 
337  e_314  314 Newbury Street  The Grand Tour    (Coming Soon)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116              
154  e_162  162 Newbury Street  The Guild of Boston Artists      Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.7660  Tue-Sat 10:30AM-5:30PM & by appointment     The Guild of Boston Artists is a non-profit art gallery promoting representational painting and sculpture of enduring beauty by leading New England artists. We are committed to fostering a love of fine art through our gallery exhibitions and educational programs.  Art gallery 
271  o_253-1  253 Newbury Street  The Loft Salon    (2nd fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.5638  Tue -Fri 9:30AM-7PM Sat 9AM-4:30PM     The Loft by Michael Albor, has been consecutively listed in Salon 200, the definitive list of the top salons in the country. The Loft is in the heart of Boston, where he and his stylists specialize in color and form hairdressing, or “updos.” His artistic ability and vision translates into giving his clients a perfect modern look, and under his direction, his team of knowledgeable stylists has been consistently favorited in local media. Many have won Best of Boston awards.   
o_1  1 Newbury Street  The Newbury Boston      Hotel  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.5700  24 hours       luxury, hotel, Elegant rooms, fine American restaurant, 24-hour fitness center 
344  e_326  326 Newbury Street  The North Face*      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.8060  Mon-Thu 10AM-7PM Fri&Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     The North Face creates activewear and outdoor sports gear that exceeds your expectations.  Clothing, outdoors, accessories 
109  o_127-129-1  127-129 Newbury Street  The Rug Company*    (Up)  Home Decor  Boston  MA  02116   857.504.2105  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun Closed     The Rug Company is the collaborative effort of 1,662 people. From the spinners and weavers, to the people who deliver and lay the finished rug, the result of all these diverse and individual contributions is a hand knotted rug that will last for generations.We share a collective pride that we produce and source the finest rugs in the world. Undoubtedly a bold claim, but one that we believe to be true. Sourcing interesting, exceptional pieces requires travel, an addiction to collecting and the ability to spot the extraordinary. We know that during the four months it takes to make each of our rugs, we use the same undiluted craft that was used a hundred years ago.   
10  e_10-1  10 Newbury Street  The Salon at 10 Newbury    (2nd fl)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.4900  Tue 9AM-5PM Wed 9AM-8PM Thu 9:30AM-8PM Fri 9AM-8PM Sat 8AM-5pm     All of our stylists are skilled professionals with numerous years of experience, up-to-date education, and a vast repertoire of beauty techniques. Our goal is for every client to leave the salon with healthy and beautiful hair. We offer a full range of hair services for both men and women in our convenient location.   
91  e_116-3  116 Newbury Street  The Shade Store    (Down)  Services, Home Decor  Boston  MA  02116   617.963.1995  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Crafting custom window treatments since 1946.  Windows 
284  o_263-1  263 Newbury Street  The Threading Place    (Up)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.5050  Mon-Sun 11AM-8PM     The Threading Place is the best eyebrow threading salon based in Boston.  Eyebrows, salon 
179  o_175-1  175 Newbury Street  The Tie Bar*    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories, Pop Up  Boston  MA  2116   617.275.8143  Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Makers of stylish and affordable male neckties and accessories  good quality, inexpensive, ties, cufflinks, dress shirts, bowties 
317  e_292-2  292 Newbury Street  The UPS Store    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.437.9303  Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-4PM       Shipping, mail 
62  o_85-3  85 Newbury Street  Thinking Cup      Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.3333  Mon-Wed 7AM-10PM Thu-Sun 7AM-11PM     Thinking Cup is pleased to be the first coffee shop in Downtown Boston to serve "Stumptown Coffee" and "Third Wave Coffee" products exclusively. Stumptown, originating in Portland Oregon had been named "Best Coffee in the World" by NPR, The New York Times, Food & Wine Magazine, and USA Today. To ensure exceptional quality and freshness we obtain our beans directly from Stumptown's roasting facility in Brooklyn, New York.  Sit Down Coffee shop, espresso, Desserts, Sandwiches, coffee 
196  o_201-3  201 Newbury Street  Timberland*    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.247.1478  Mon & Tue 10AM-7PM Wed-Thu 10AM-6PM Fri 11AM-6PM Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Timberland Specialty Retail Stores feature premium footwear, clothing and accessories for city and trail.  Footwear, boots, outdoors 
360  e_338-2  338 Newbury Street  Title Boxing    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.426.9464       TITLE Boxing Club is a fitness club that offers a combination of boxing and kickboxing classes. Each trainer’s individual style makes every class unique. You’ll be excited to come back for the strong community we’ve developed and a new experience in every class. TITLE Boxing Club offers you a way to strengthen your core faster than any other exercise class. If you are looking for a change, this is where you will find it. People of all fitness levels are welcome to participate and go at their own pace.  Fitness, Gym, Fitness club, boxing 
216  e_218-1  218 Newbury Street  Tivoli Audio    (Up)  Home Décor  Boston  MA  02116   617.531. 0367   Tues-Sat 10AM - 6PM, SUN 11AM - 6PM, Mon by appointment     Tivoli Audio brings beautifully designed, simple-to-use, high quality products to consumers.  Boutique, home décor 
378  e_360  360 Newbury Street  TJ Maxx      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.867.4180  Mon-Thur 9:30AM-9PM Fri&Sat 9:30AM-10PM Sun 10AM-8PM     including household goods, apparel and food.  Apparel, shoes, accessories 
296  o_273  273 Newbury Street  Top Drawer    (Up)  Apparel, Accessories, Home Décor  Boston  MA  02116          At Topdrawer, we offer products curated from around the world, tools you’ll only need to buy once, that will help you do your best work wherever you are. Our tools revolve around four core activities in a creative mobile life: working, photographing, eating, and traveling.  Apparel, clothing, travel, work, tools, electronics, stationary, nomad, gear, contemporary, bags, readers, wallets, backpacks, lifestyle 
241  o_231-1  231 Newbury Street  Toscana Day Spa      Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.1234  Mon CLOSED Tues/Wed 9AM-8PM Thurs/Fri 9AM-9PM Sat 9AM-6PM     Toscana is a full-service Spa and Salon with two floors, opening with the most selective and talented team of hair stylists.  Salon, spa, hair stylists 
298  e_274-2  274 Newbury Street  Town's Nails & Skin #274    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116      Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM Sun 10AM-7PM       Salon 
357  e_336-4  336 Newbury Street  Town's Nails & Skin #336    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116    617.236.8089          
307  o_285  285 Newbury Street  Tracksmith      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   781.235.0027       Tracksmith is an independent running brand and champion for the Running Class. We deliver products and experiences that embrace the legacy of the sport and foster the personal pursuit of excellence. Guided by the belief that race day is sacred, we favor a straightforward, understated and authentic approach.   
123  e_134-2  134 Newbury Street  TREND    (Down)  Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116              
359  e_338-1  338 Newbury Street  Trident Booksellers      Food/Drink, Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.267.8688  Mon-Sun 8AM-12AM     Trident Booksellers and Cafe is the last independent bookstore in Boston. Breakfast all day. Open until midnight.  Bookstore,books,café,coffee 
52  o_75  75 Newbury Street  Ugg      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.657.0622  Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM Sun 12PM-6PM     Celebrate the season with new Ugg styles: sandals, shoes, and classic boots  Shoes 
228  e_224-1  224 Newbury Street  Umi Sushi    (Up)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.2228  Mon-Sun 11:30AM-10PM     Udon, sushi and a variety of other Japanese eats are served in casual, modern quarters with a bar.  Japanese Food, Restaurant Sushi 
362  o_341-1  341 Newbury Street  Uniqlo      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   877.486.4756  Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 11AM-7PM     Apparel that comes from our Japanese values of simplicity, quality and longevity. Designed to be of the time and for the time. Made with such modern elegance that it becomes the building blocks of your style.  Clothing 
379  o_361-1  361 Newbury Street  Urban Outfitters      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.0088  Mon-Thur 10AM-10PM Fri&Sat 10AM-11PM Sun 11AM-9PM     Mujirushi Ryohin, MUJI in Japanese, translates as “no-brand quality goods.”  Clothing, hipster, retro 
165  e_168-2  168 Newbury Street  V&O Salon    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.0137  Mon Closed Tue-Fri 9AM-8PM Sat 9AM-6PM Sun11AM-6PM       Salon, makeup, hair stylists 
40  o_47  47 Newbury Street  Valentino      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.578.0300  Mon- Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Luxe marble-and-tile showcase for the Italian fashion house's elegant women's apparel & accessories.  Bags, sunglasses fragrance, coats, jackets, shoes, purse high fashion, luxary brand 
37  e_44  40 Newbury Street  Van Cleef & Arpels      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.892.9056  Mon-Sat 11AM -6PM        
346  e_328-  328 Newbury Street  Vans      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.756.1025          
316  e_292-1  292 Newbury Street  Vibram    (Up)  Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   857.263.8508  Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM Sun 12PM-5PM     Footwear brand that offers sport & fitness shoes for men, women & kids.  Shoes, footwear, fitness, casual 
57  e_82  82 Newbury Street  Victoria's Secret      Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   617.424.7290  Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 12PM-7PM     retailer known for housebrand women’s lingerie, plus pajamas, loungewear & beauty products.  Women, lingerie, pajamas, cosmetics, clothing 
48  o_71-2  71 Newbury Street  Vince*      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.279.0659  Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM Sun 12PM-5PM       Luxury, clothing, accessories High-end clothing, 
323  o_297-3  297 Newbury Street  Viselli Santoro Salon    (Down)  Salons  Boston  MA  02116   857.350.4856         Salon 
248  e_238  238 Newbury Street  Vose Galleries    (Up)  Art/Culture  Boston  MA  02116   617.536.6176  Tue-Fri 9:30AM-5:30PM Sat 10AM-5:30PM Mon & Sun Closed     Family-owned gallery features American Impressionist art along with contemporary pieces by realists.  Art Gallery 
275  e_254-2  254 Newbury Street  Wabora Sushi    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.431.2284  Mon-Sun 11:30AM-10:30PM     An Ontario-based sushi outfit spawns this hip sibling, offering creative rolls, udon, gyoza & more.  Japanese restaurant 
58  o_83-1  83 Newbury Street  Warby Parker      Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   508.658.7444  Mon-Sun 11AM-7PM     Each frame is designed in-house, by designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price.  Eyewear, glasses, sunglasses, eyes 
260  o_247-2  247 Newbury Street  Wen's Yunnan Noodle    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   617.262.6688  Mon-Sun11AM-9:30PM     No-frills scene focused on Chinese rice noodle soups & bowls of Japanese ramen.  Chinese restaurant 
342  e_324-1  324 Newbury Street  Which Wich    (Up)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   857.315.5991  Mon - Thu 10:30AM - 8PM, Fri - Sat 10:30AM - 9PM, Sun 10:30AM - 8PM     Which Wich Superior Sandwiches is an American fast casual restaurant chain specializing in sandwiches and salads.   
256  e_244-2  244 Newbury Street  Wichit    (Down)  Food/Drink  Boston  MA  02116   857.277.1708  Mon-Sat 7AM-9PM Sun 8AM-8PM     Counter-serve spot offering artisan sandwiches & fresh juices in a lower-level brick-walled space.  Sandwiches, takeout Restaurant 
116  o_131-2  131 Newbury Street  Winston Flowers    (Down)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   800.457.4901  Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM Sun 11AM-5PM     Winston Flowers has been a purveyor of the fine art of floristry for over 50 years.  Florist, flowers, floral 
325  o_299-1  299 Newbury Street  Woolrich*    (Up)  Apparel  Boston  MA  02116   857.263.7554  Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM Sun 11AM-6PM     Woolrich offers Men's and Women's clothing that has embraced the outdoor lifestyle.  Clothing, outdoors 
354  e_336-1  336 Newbury Street  Xtend Barre    (2nd fl)  Services  Boston  MA  02116   617.351.6970  Mon 6AM-9PM Tue 6:30AM-9PM Wed 6AM-9PM Thu 6:30AM-9PM Fri 7AM-7PM Sat 8:30AM-1PM Sun 9AM-1PM     Xtend Barre brings in elements of dance, ballet, cardio and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens, and chisels the body.  Fitness, Fitness classes health, fitness, wellness, barre, pilates, dance, ballet, cardio, trx, yoga 
177  e_174-1  174 Newbury Street  Yogibo    (Up)  Home Décor  Boston  MA  02116             
205  e_210  210 Newbury Street  Zara*      Apparel, Accessories  Boston  MA  02116   617.236.1414  Mon-Sat 10AM-9PM Sun 11AM-9PM     Spanish fashion offering on-trend house-brand clothing, shoes & accessories.  Clothing, footwear, accessories