The 4 Simplest Ways to Get to Open Newbury

The first Open Newbury event of the season kicks of this Sunday at 10am, but you’ll find the street closed to vehicle traffic beginning at 8am this Sunday. Closing the street to vehicle traffic allows shoppers, diners, pedestrians, and retailers to use the full width of the street to create more interactive, pleasurable experiences on the street. To get the most out of the experience, we recommend leaving your car at home and utilizing other forms of transportation to get to the street…

open newbury street shopping and dining

Photo by Amanda Davis of Prim & Propah Blog

On Foot: Boston is one of America’s most walkable cities. Enjoy the summer sun, put on your favorite summer sandals, and walk to Open Newbury where you’ll find activations from your favorite stores, and exclusive discounts and events, and maybe even a sweet deal on a new pair of shoes!

On a Bicycle: You’ll find bike corrals throughout the event to lock your bike to. There are also Hubway docks on Newbury Street, near the Boston Public Library, and throughout the Back Bay.

Request a Ride: Uber and Lyft have both been alerted to Sunday’s road closure so request and enjoy the ride! Expect to be dropped off on cross streets near Arlington Street, Berkeley Street, Clarendon Street, Dartmouth Street, or Hereford Street, Massachusetts Avenue, or neighboring Boylston Street or Commonwealth Avenue. 

MBTA: All nearby MBTA stations will be open and accessible during Open Newbury. Leave the car at home and avoid searching for parking on what will surely be the busiest shopping days of the season!

For additional information check out The City of Boston website, and if you’re looking for some style inspiration, be sure to check out Danielle of A Chic Voyage’s fab Newbury Street find from No Rest for Bridget!  Stay tuned for a complete list of activities and events. See you on the street this Sunday!